Treasury and ALM Training

Perhaps the greatest asset in a business is its people. The intellectual capital vested in staff is a core resource for any Treasury operation and should therefore be given the highest priority.

XMI has extensive experience in all aspects of Treasury operations and is able to impart this knowledge to Treasury Front, Middle and Back Office personnel through one-to-one training ‘on the job’, or to small groups in organised workshops. As the delivery is bespoke, our clients obtain maximum benefit as it increases the knowledge pool within all areas of their Treasury operations.

This has the potential to result in a tangible bottom-line improvement from Front Office staff and will engender a higher confidence level in staff from the Middle and Back offices that interact with the Front Office dealers. This also has the desired effect of lessening the chance of a control breakdown as there is an increased ability to challenge.

In addition, we offer a number of other business-specific training options including non-executive product awareness courses, coaching and mentoring services, ALM/ALCO training and in-house seminars covering a range of topics such as trading and sales strategies & tactics.

Often our knowledge transfer and training services are seen as a valuable extension to other areas of work which we conduct with our clients. This may either be incorporated into the work itself or conducted as a stand-alone exercise on completion of the project.